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About Hathin

Hathin is one of the Nagar Panchayat in Palwal District of Haryana State. It is also one of the Vidhan Sabha constituencies, making it one of the politically important regions in Haryana. Besides, its proximity with city headquarter of Palwal also gives it a very strategic importance, which has actually helped her in building key infrastructure in critical areas like healthcare, education etc. Below is a complete profile of this small but important town, which will help you to understand this city in much better way.

History of Hathin

About Hathin
Sheikh Shah Baz's Tomb

Hathin shares a very close bond with the history of Palwal. And if one does look at the history of Palwal, then one would be very pleased to know that Hathin falls in a region that is proudly associated with India’s greatest epic, Mahabharat. This should not be surprising at all, as we all know that entire Haryana region itself shares a very close relationship with Mahabharat. Coming back to Hathin and Palwal region’s history, then it is strongly believed that this entire region was part of Pandava Brother’s kingdom ‘Indraprastha’ and it was known by the name Apelava. After many centuries this region again witnessed a very glorious period, when it was ruled by the famous king of Ujjain region King Vikramaditya. Hathin’s close bond with great epic like Mahabharat and the fact that it was once ruled by a great king like Vikramaditya proves beyond doubt that Hathin’s history is indeed very rich. Something that its local citizens today should feel very proud of.

Geography and Climate of Hathin

Hathin town is located very close to National Highway No 2. It is located just 67 kms away from National capital New Delhi. Besides, it also shares proximity with main city of Palwal. Coming to climate of this town, then this town falls in Semi arid climatic zone. This means that here temperature is very hot during summer season, while temperature is equally cold during winter season. As for rainfall is concerned, then here annual rainfall varies from 336 mm to 440 mm, with maximum rainfall happening in monsoon season (June to September). As for hottest and coldest months are concerned, then here May and June are the hottest months of the year, whereas January is coldest month here.

Economy of Hathin

Hathin boosts of very mixed economy, with both agricultural and industrial sector playing a very critical role. However, agricultural sector has a more dominant share in the economy. State government over the years is making lots of effort to modernize this region’s economy. Full fledged industrial area operates in Hathin town itself, where many small to medium scale factories and also few large scale plants have been operating for many years now. Most of the industries or factories not only operating in Hathin, but in entire Palwal region are actually engineering units. This is why most of the major exportable items from Palwal region constitute mainly of engineering products. To name a few of these engineering products, then they are as follows: Hydraulic Turbines, Friction Material, Rear Axle Shafts, Elevators and loaders.

Talbross Engineering Ltd – Plant No 3
Address: Plot 35-38, Indl. Area, Hathin, Distt. -Palwal,
Haryana (India)
Phone: +91-1275-261983 / 261409
E-Mail: hathin@talbrosaxles.com

Talbross Engineering Ltd – Plant No 3
Address: Plot 57, Indl. Area, Hathin, Distt. -Palwal,
Haryana (India)
Phone no: Not available
Ashoka Distillers (P)Ltd
Address: Hathin, DISTT. Palwal ,(HARYANA) -  121103

Address: AVS Brake Linings Pvt.Ltd, 72-73, Industrial Area,  Hathin, Distt. Palwal ,(Haryana).

Moving to service sector, then it has a very minimal presence here. Another major drawback is that here service sector is mainly unorganized, which actually is a common thing for a small town like this. Talking about organized part of the service sector, then it mainly constitutes of decent number of hospitals, clinics, hotels, banks, restaurants, retail stores operating across the town.

Banking Services in Hathin

Profile of HathinToday quite a few renowned banks are operating in Hathin and its adjoining towns, although all the renowned banks operating here are Government or PSU banks. The complete absence of private banks is sufficient enough to suggest that Hathin’s economy is still not developed or modernized enough to compel profit oriented private banks to enter in its market. Coming back to existing PSU banks, then even their limited presence has made a huge difference to locals. Because they are able to avail many modern banking services that citizens of developed urban cities get to enjoy. Besides, these banks are proving to be major boon for local agricultural and industrial sector, who are always in need of credit and loans.

Bank of Baroda
Address: Gehlab Road, Near Ram Mandir, Hathin, Dist Palwal Haryana 121103 
Phone no: Not available

State Bank Of Patiala
Address: Gehlab road, Hathin, Haryana - 121103
Phone no: 01275-261238
IFSC Code: STBP0000400
Syndicate Bank
Address: Near Bus Stand, Vil And Po Roopraka, Teh Hathin Dist Palwal, Haryana-121103
Phone no: Not available
IFSC Code: SYNB000819

Gurgaon Gramin bank
Address: Vpo:Hathin, Opp.Govt.High School, Gehlab Road, District-Palwal, State-Haryana.Pincode-121103
Phone no: 01275-261428
IFSC Code: GGBK0001227

Safety in Hathin

Hathin is home to one of the seven police stations operating in Palwal District. This police station operates in the very heart of Hathin town. As for all important issue of law and order is concerned, then unfortunately for past couple of years Hathin town has been in news for incidence of communal tensions and riots. However, these incidences of communal tension are just one of cases and therefore Hathin’s law and order cannot be generalized based on these random cases. This is to say that Hathin’s over all law and order has always been very peaceful and stable. Few pity crimes though keep taking place, but they are easily dealt with.

Hathin Police Station: 01275 – 261233
Dsp Hathin: 01275-282277
Sub-Inspector of Police: 01275-261233
Superintendent of Police: 01275-298069, 01275-298070, 01275-298071

Administration in Hathin

Hathin Municipal Committee is in-charged with the duty of looking after civic amenities of Hathin town. It has total 13 wards and as per 2011 census approximately 14,421 people were living under its municipal limit. It performs same civic duties and responsibilities that most other Municipal Councils in rest of the country do. To be more specific, it is entrusted with responsibility of supplying water to all households and also to look after sewage facility of the entire town. Besides, it is also in-charged with the responsibility of constructing new roads and also imposing various taxes on subjects coming under its municipal jurisdiction.

Head of organization: Sh. Kuldeep Malik, Secretary
Mobile no: 9416228884
Phone no: 01743-221503

Healthcare Services in Hathin

Healthcare services in Hathin is just about okay. There are quite a few private hospitals here that are really serving the local patients very well. Besides, quite a few community health centers and primary health centers are also available here, who are providing healthcare services at pretty affordable rates to local patients. As for general services like chemist shops and clinics are concerned, then Hathin surely has no shortage of them. Although if you compare their numbers with urban cities then there numbers may not be high, but when you compare to demands of existing local population then there numbers are certainly decent enough.

Hospitals in Hathin
Healthcare Services

And before we do round up we’d like to tell you that Hathin patients do flock to neighboring cities of Palwal and New Delhi in huge numbers every year. Because both these cities are home to huge numbers of well equipped hospitals. Especially national capital New Delhi, which is home to huge numbers of multi specialty and super specialty hospitals.

Chemist Shops in Hathin

Laxmi Medical Store
Address: Gehlab Road, Hathin, Near Hathin Market, Palwal – 121102
Phone no: +(91)-9671909892

Sehrawat Medical Store
Address: Gehlab Road, Hathin, Palwal – 121102
Phone no: +(91)-9466243098

Sagar Medical Store
Address: Utawad Road, Hathin, Palwal – 121102
Phone no: +(91)-9813527627

Doctors in Hathin

Hakeem Molana Shmeem Ahmed
Address: Village Mohdamka, Mewat,Tehsil Hathin, Jila Palwal, Palwal - 121102
Phone no: +(91)-9813906812

Mission Health Clinic
Address: Village Mathepur, Beech Chowk Chopaal, Tehsil Hathin, Jila Palwal, Palwal - 121102
Phone no: +(91)-9813581373

Dr Sunil
Address: Village Madhnaka , Near Bhidkola, Tehsil Hathin, Palwal – 121102
Phone no: +(91)-9813275274, 9050404362

Transport in Hathin

Hathin city boosts a pretty reliable transportation services. The town has pretty good number of auto rickshaws and for many years they have been comfortably looking after looking after local transportation of this small town. Besides, private tempos and jeeps are also available here, which connect Hathin’s commuters to many far away villages and towns of Palwal District. As far as connectivity with cities of other states are concerned, then Hathin town does enjoy pretty good connectivity. Haryana’s state transport buses connect Hathin to cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and few other important cities of Northern India. Besides, Palwal Railway Station is not located very far away from Hathin town.

Hathin at a glance

Country: India
State: Haryana
District: Palwal
Approximate population: 15,000 – 2011 census
Pin code: 121103
Telephone Code: 01275
Vehicle registration: HR 52
Time Zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
Official Language: Hindi

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